The Uses of Memory led by Kimi Hanauer and Bilphena Decontee Yahwon

In this workshop, we will explore memory from an anti-colonial perspective, challenging conventional notions of linear narratives and manufactured recollections. Memory, as we commonly understand it, often adheres to a sense of completeness and order imposed by dominant narratives, but this workshop aims to disrupt that paradigm. Through a partnership between Archive Liberia and the Center for Liberatory Practice & Poetry, project stewards Bilphena Decontee Yahwon and Kimi Hanauer will exemplify new approaches shaped by our communities, disentangling ourselves from dominant institutions. By embracing the frustrations, inconsistencies, and gaps in our memories, we will begin the process of building personal memory archives as a foundation through which our political frameworks may emerge.

Saturday  October 28th
4:00-5:30 PM


Kimi Hanauer is an artist, media-based organizer, and facilitator based on Tongva-Gabrielino Land (Los Angeles). Kimi founded Press Press in 2014 while working as an educator with Baltimore City Community College Refugee Youth Project. In their practice, Kimi co-develops pragmatic-poetic initiatives that aim to build collective autonomy and decentralize institutional resources. Currently, Kimi is stewarding a slow process of emergence for the Center for Liberatory Practice & Poetry. Kimi is a queer diasporan of Sephardic-Ashkenazi descent; born in Tel-Aviv with historic roots in Jerusalem; Germany; Spain; among other lands. 

Bilphena Decontee Yahwon is a Baltimore-based cultural organizer, interdisciplinary artist, and transformative justice practitioner, born in Suakoko, Bong County, Liberia. Her work is concerned with the uses of individual and collective memory: how we inherit it, how we preserve it and how we pass it down. Yahwon is the steward of The Womanist Reader, a free online library, a collective member of interdisciplinary publishing initiative Press Press, and a founding member of New Generation Scholars Intergenerational Institute (NGSII), an African centered global education platform. She launched Archive Liberia in 2020 as an invitation and site for recovering, holding and organizing the collective memory of Liberia.


This event will be led virtually by Bilphena Decontee Yahwon and Kimi Hanauer and will also be streamed live at Atelier Gallery. Once you register on Eventbrite, you will be sent a zoom link to attend virtually or please join us in the gallery where we will be live-streaming the workshop.

Atelier Gallery 1301 N 31st St Suite 2, Philadelphia, PA 19121


Atelier Gallery is wheelchair accesible.  Accesible bathrooms on location. Water and snacks will be provided. ASL interpretation, on-site childcare and Spanish translation upon request ( you can specify your requests in the Eventbrite). 


A black person and a white person, both wearing glasses and face masks, side hug while facing the camera. The image crops their bodies at the waist, and in the background there are some posters with illegible text. The image is heavily treated and has a black to blue gradient.


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