Mother Tongue honors the foundational arts of the Black Diaspora.

ver·nac·u·lar /vərˈnakyələr/ adjective

1. spoken as one's mother tongue; not learned or imposed as a second language.

This workshop aims to identify, contextualize, and validate some of Black people’s ways of being, knowing, and creating in order to explore how that creative healing knowledge guided Black people to wellness, from time immemorial, through slavery, revolution, and liberation. This season we engage in the art of altar building. In tandem with the installation in the exhibit, Tiny Farm Wagon will be a site for planting seeds and interacting with life, while holding space for our collective grief. Workshop Activities will include collage, seed planting, and interactive altar practice.


Saturday  October 7th, 6-9PM


The Tiny Farm Wagon is a mobile art classroom /greenhouse/gallery inspired by the work of George Washington Carver and dedicated to building new knowledge around community vibrancy through public art projects. Our projects identify, preserve, and promote the threads of wellness that run through Black life. We build gardens, lead workshops, curate stellar art events, Visual Art, Performance, Sound, Installation, and more.


1301 N 31st St Suite 2, Philadelphia, PA 19121


Atelier Gallery is wheelchair accessible. Accessible bathrooms on location. Water and snacks will be provided. ASL interpretation, on-site childcare, and Spanish translation upon request ( you can specify your requests in the Eventbrite).  


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