In her essay, “Rootedness: The Ancestors as Foundation”, Writer Toni Morrison argued that because Black people were disregarded, our ways of knowing were disregarded. Because Black life is often depicted as pathological, we create rituals to honor the wellness practices inherent in Black culture. Join Tiny Farm Wagon for seed planting and collage activities. We’ll put our hands in soil, set intentions and create art with quotes from Black self-help/wellness gurus, and images from Black culture, Black history, and nature. 

Sunday October 22
4:00-5:30 PM


The Tiny Farm Wagon is a mobile art classroom/greenhouse/gallery inspired by the work of George Washington Carver and dedicated to building new knowledge around community vibrancy through public art projects. Our projects identify, preserve, and promote the threads of wellness that run through Black life. We build gardens, lead workshops, and curate stellar art events, Visual Art, Performance, Sound, Installation, and more. We ask the community to consider: What makes us well? What keeps us from it?


Atelier Gallery, 1301 North 31st Street Suite 2, Philadelphia, PA


Atelier Gallery is wheelchair accessible. Accessible bathrooms on location. Water and snacks will be provided. ASL interpretation, on-site childcare, and Spanish translation upon request ( you can specify your requests in the Eventbrite). 


A blue and black image depicts a table covered with different papers, scattered in an almost chaotic fashion. Some of the papers are cutout designs, some text-based cutouts with words printed on them that read‘ art’ and ‘expression’. On the edge of the image, there are a pair of black-skinned hands partially cropped by the image, seemingly the hands of the person who arranged the cutouts.


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